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            Is it better to embed the matching gift search tool directly on a donation form or on the thank you screen?

            If you subscribe to Tier 2 of Double the Donation's service which allows you to embed our plugin on your own website we encourage you to incorporate our plugin into one of two spots in the donation process:

            1. On the actual donation form
            2. On the donation confirmation / thank you screen

            Benefit of adding our plugin on the actual donation form:
            The biggest benefit of adding our matching gift plugin on the actual donation form is that you make it a step that every online donor thinks about as they go through the donation process. Most donors read every field and will pause to search if their company will match their donation and access the information they need to do so.

            While we think it's a great spot to add our matching gift plugin we encourage organizations to ensure that they add it in a streamlined and eloquent way. Make sure you add our plugin as either a screen overlay or within an optional expandable section on your donation form. You want to make sure that our plugin doesn't take up the full screen when it's utilized on the donation form.

            View the BRACUSA example on this page for a good sample.

            Benefit of adding our to the donation confirmation / thank you screen:
            For organizations wanting to ensure their donation forms are as streamlined as possible or can't add our plugin in an eloquent way on the actual donation form we recommend that you display the matching gift search tool at the top of the donation thank you screen.

            Feature it prominently and enable your donors to instantly access matching gift and volunteer grant information immediately after they make their donation. 

            View the samples on this page.


            We hear great results from organizations who do both so either is a good option. To maximize matching gift revenue we lean slightly towards your organization adding our plugin to the donation form if you can do so in an eloquent way without disrupting the donation process. If your donation form isn't as configurable as you'd like then definitely prominently display our plugin on the donation confirmation / thank you screen. 

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