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            Does Double the Donation integrate with iDonate?

            Step-by-Step: Integrate Double the Donation's 360MatchPro into iDonate

            You must have a 360MatchPro account in order to enable the matching gift functionality on your iDonate donation page. If you don't already have one, contact your iDonate Account Executive at, and they will activate your 360MatchPro account for you. 

            Note: This guide will take you through the entire process of setting up an embed, placing it on a landing page, and pushing that page live. If you already have your embed and landing page set up, please skip ahead to steps #3 and #4 of Phase 1. Once those steps are completed, your matching gift functionality will be live. 

            Phase 1: Create the "embed"

            Step #1: Click on the "Embeds" option in the menu on the left side. You will be directed to this screen. 

            Step #2: Click "NEW EMBED" in the top, right-hand corner. On the following page, you'll be asked to choose either "Unified Giving Embed v2" or "Single-Page Embed."

            Note: This demonstration will prepare a unified giving embed for the fictional nonprofit organization, Cat Rescue Club. 

            Step #3: In order to add the search tool to your donation page, you must assign a location for your corporate matching gift field as illustrated below. The default setting is "No Corporate Matching," which leaves your donation page without a matching gift search tool. We strongly recommend "On first page of embed."

            Phase 2: Create the landing page

            Step #1: Navigate to "Landing Pages" found in the menu on the left side of your screen. From there, click "NEW LANDING PAGE" in the top right corner of the screen. Both of these buttons are highlighted below.

            Step #2: Choose your landing page setup option. For our Cat Rescue Club page, we chose "Simple Landing Page."

            Step #3: Name your page.

            Step #4: Navigate to the "Page" option (highlighted in the image below). Then select the embed you want to incorporate on this landing page. 

            Step #5: Customize your page before hitting "PUBLISH" in the top, right-hand corner of your landing page setup.

            Hit "PUBLISH." Your fully integrated donation page is now live.  

            Access Your 360MatchPro Account

            If you're not sure how to access your 360Matchpro portal, please follow the steps below:
            1. Login to your 360MatchPro account by going to .
            2. Enter your billing information in the "Billing" tab.
            3. Customize your automated emails and other settings under the "Automated Outreach" and "Settings" tabs.

            iDonate-Double the Donation FAQs

            Q: Where else can I embed Double the Donation's plugin, other than my iDonate donation page?

            A: We recommend that you incorporate Double the Donation's matching gift search tool across your broader fundraising. To install the search tool anywhere on your website, simply copy and paste the Embed Code from your 360MatchPro portal. 

            We recommend that you create a dedicated matching gift page where you can explain what matching gift programs are and provide donors with a chance to look up their employer's program forms, guidelines, and instructions. This page can be used as a resource to be included in emails, newsletters, and direct messages.

            Take a look at how our Cat Rescue Club website incorporates the Double the Donation plugin on a page designated to matching gifts. 

            Updated: 15 Oct 2018 01:50 PM
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