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            Does Double the Donation integrate with DonorDrive?

            Step-by-Step: Integrate Double the Donation's 360MatchPro into DonorDrive

            This section of the integration guide is intended to help organizations establish a direct link between 360MatchPro and DonorDrive. Once a direct link is established, new donation records in DonorDrive will automatically flow into 360MatchPro. In the 360MatchPro platform, donations will enter automated email streams to drive the employer matching process to completion. This section of the guide is not for embedding Double the Donation's matching gift search tool on donation pages, that is found below.

            Note: Before getting started, please make sure that you are a DonorDrive administrator with API privileges. If you are not sure that you have the correct privileges, please see the FAQ section at the end of this article. 

            Phase 1: Setup within DonorDrive

            Step #1: Login to your DonorDrive portal. Navigate to the "Reports" tab. In the "General Exports" section, click "Donations."

            Step #2: Navigate to the "Profiles" tab. Click "Create a Profile."

            Step #3: Type "doublethedonation-360MatchPro into the Profile Name field. 

            Step #4: Select all of the fields in the Available Fields section and press the > button to move the fields from the left column to the right.

            Step #5: Follow steps A through D as illustrated in the following image:
            A. Order the donations by "Donation Last Modified" in descending order.
            B. When asked "Is this profile private?" select "No."
            C. Enter "dtd-360MatchPro" into the "API URL Alias" field.
            D. Press "Save Profile."

            Phase 2: Setup within 360MatchPro

            Step #1: Click "Settings" in the menu on the left. Then click "Integrations" in the sub-menu.

            Step #2: Enter the following information from your DonorDrive account into the corresponding fields:
            • DonorDrive Email Address
            • DonorDrive Password
            • DonorDrive Instance
            • DonorDrive API URL Alias (enter "dtd-360MatchPro")
            Note: If you do not know how to find your DonorDrive Instance, check the FAQ below.

            Step #3: Click "Validate Credentials." Look for the response message from 360MatchPro.
            • If the message says "Success," move on to the next step.
            • If the message says "Invalid," ensure that you have entered the exact credentials from your DonorDrive profile.
            Step #4: Once you have successfully validated your credentials, click the "Integrate" button. 

            Step-by-Step: Integrate Double the Donation's Matching Gift Search Plugin into Your DonorDrive Donation Form

            Step #1: Navigate to "Control Panel" in your DonorDrive menu bar. Scroll over "System Content" and then select "Default Content." The Default Content page will load and you'll select "Donation."

            Step #2: Modify the "Thank You" pages to include Double the Donation's matching gift search functionality. Click on an item that ends with "Thank You" and select "Edit."

            Step #3: Click "Source," add an introduction using HTML code (optional), add the Double the Donation plugin code and click "Save Changes."

            Step #4: Verify that Double the Donation's matching gift search functionality is working by repeating Step #1 and clicking on the page you've just edited.

            Step #5: Repeat Steps #1-4 on your remaining "Thank You" pages. 

            Step-by-Step: Integrate Double the Donation's Matching Gift Search Plugin onto a Dedicated Matching Gift Page

            Step #1: Navigate to "Content Mgmt" in your DonorDrive menu bar. Select "Add Page."

            Step #2: Complete each field and then click "Save Changes."

            We recommend completing the fields as follows:
            Page Name: Matching Gifts
            Page Title: Matching Gifts
            Parent Page: None — Top Level Page
            Forward URL: (Remains blank)
            Link Opens a New Window: (Unchecked)
            Show Page on Navigation Menu: Check Yes
            Show Page only for Logged-In Constituents: (Unchecked)
            Meta Description: Many companies match donations to out nonprofit.  Use the below matching gift search tool provided by Double the Donation to see if your company will match your donation and access the appropriate forms, guidelines, and instructions. 
            Meta Keywords: Matching Gifts, Double the Donation, Match Employee Donations
            Page Alias: (Remains blank)

            Step #3: Select the page you've just created and click "Edit Content."

            Step #4: Once in the page editor, select "Edit."

            Step #5: Select "Source" and then copy and paste the Double the Donation matching gift plugin code into the editor. Then click "Save Changes."

            Step #6: Verify that the Double the Donation matching gift plugin is working, then click "Save Changes."

            Step #7: Publish your new matching gift page by clicking on the page and then clicking "Publish Now."

            Step #8: Verify the Double the Donation matching gift plugin is working by visiting your main DonorDrive page and selecting "Matching Gifts" from the navigation bar. 

            Note: You may need to wait a few minutes or open your primary DonorDrive page in a new browser. 

            Access Your Double the Donation Embed Code

            If you’re not sure how to access the Double the Donation Embed Code, please follow the below steps: 
            1. Log into your Double the Donation account by going to . 
            2. Choose the Embed Our Plugin Link. 
            3. Copy the iFrame Embed Code. 

            DonorDrive - Double the Donation FAQs

            Q: How do I know if I'm a DonorDrive administrator with API privileges?

            A: In the DonorDrive portal, navigate to the "Control Panel," then click "General Settings," and then click "User Management."

            Type your name in the search field and select the corresponding record in the table.

            The "Groups" section lists your privileges. You should see "Administrators" and "API Users" listed in your "Groups."

            Q: Where can I find my instance name?

            A: You can find the instance name in the URL when you log into the DonorDrive portal. For example, your URL may appear as follows:


            The instance name in the previous url is catrescueclub.

            Note: If your URL has a different format and/or the DonorDrive instance cannot be extracted from the URL, please reach out to DonorDrive support (
            Updated: 27 Nov 2018 06:17 AM
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