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            Does Double the Donation provide matching gift services to Australian Organizations?

            At Double the Donation our goal is to track all companies with matching gift programs regardless of their location. And we definitely have a variety of companies either based in Australia or who are global companies with employees in Australia. That being said, matching gifts originated in the US and have since expanded internationally to countries like Canada, Western Europe, and Australia (the trend among companies is definitely expanding their programs globally).

            So yes we do have clients in countries outside of the US but the matching gift programs just aren't offered by as many companies.

            Special Offer for Australian Nonprofits:

            We'll provide 50% off our standard subscription fees in exchange for your commitment to send us a list of companies that matched one or multiple donations to your organization in the last 12 or so months. You don't need to do it immediately but within 3 months is appreciated. We receive these lists regularly from nonprofits in the US and Canada but not as frequently from other markets and they definitely help us ensure our database is as comprehensive as possible.

            To receive this discount please start your Double the Donation trial account and then email within two weeks. Please include the message "We're an Australian organization and once a year we commit to sending Double the Donation a list of companies that matched one or multiple donations to our organization. Please apply the 50% off discount."

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