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            Does Double the Donation integrate with Classy?

            Options for incorporating Double the Donation into Classy

            For nonprofits using both Classy and Double the Donation, our matching gift tools can be incorporated in several locations:
            • On the Classy Donation Confirmation Screen. Make sure to download one of our matching gift graphics from and link that image to your Hosted Matching Gift Page.
            • In Classy Thank You Emails. Again, make sure to download one of our matching gift graphics from and then link the image to your Hosted Matching Gift Page.
            • Feature matching gifts across your website and link to your Hosted Matching Gift Page. We encourage you to browse through our suggested ways to market matching gifts for ideas and inspiration.
            • Double the Donation's 360MatchPro can be integrated into your Classy donation forms. See below for a step-by-step integration guide. 

            We recommend that larger nonprofits using Classy choose Double the Donation's 360MatchPro.

            Step-by-Step: Integrate Double the Donation's 360MatchPro into Classy

            Phase 1: Setup Within Classy

            Note: Log in to your Classy account at

            Step #1: Click "API + Apps" in the menu to the left of your Activity Wall. Then navigate to the "Classy API."

            Step #2: Create an app for Double the Donation by inputting the following information:

            Step #3: Check the box beside "By creating an API application you are agreeing to our Terms of Service" and then press the "Create App" button. 

            The previous steps are illustrated below:

            Step #4: Navigate to the new application and copy down the following information, which you will input in your 360MatchPro portal:
            • Classy Client Organization ID (from the page URL)
            • Client ID
            • Client Secret
            This step is broken down below:

            Phase 2: Setup Within 360MatchPro

            Note: Access your 360MatchPro portal at

            Step #1: Navigate to the "Settings" menu item on the left. Then click "Integrations" in the sub-menu.

            Step #2: Enter the following information from your Classy app into the corresponding fields:
            • Classy Client Organization ID (from the page URL)
            • Client ID
            • Client Secret
            Step #3: Click "Validate Credentials." Look for the response message from 360MatchPro.
            • If "Success," move on to the next step.
            • If "Client ID and/or Client Secret are invalid," ensure that you have entered the exact credentials from the API Application within your Classy account.
            Step #4: Once you have successfully validated your credentials, click the "Integrate" button.

            You have now successfully integrated Double the Donation into your Classy account. 

            Classy - Double the Donation FAQs

            Q: Why switch to 360MatchPro from Amply?
            A: With 360MatchPro, donors experience a frictionless donation process. There are no boxes to check or lists of companies to scroll through. 360MatchPro allows donors to smoothly complete their donation before following up with donors about matching gifts post-transaction.

            Plus, 360MatchPro ensures that every potentially match-eligible donor is informed about matching gifts. Instead of relying on donors to request information about programs that they often don't know about, 360MatchPro automatically follows up with all donors post-transaction.

            Q: Which donation fields will be imported into 360MatchPro?
            A: The following information is always passed into 360MatchPro:
            1. Classy donation identifier
            2. First and last name
            3. Donation amount
            4. Email address
            5. Phone number
            6. Campaign (when present)
            Q: Using the Classy integration option, will 360MatchPro push data back into Classy?
            A: No. Currently, donations only flow from Classy into 360MatchPro for additional processing. Future functionality updates may enable employer matching data to flow into Classy.

            Q: What happens if a donation is deleted from Classy?
            A: The donation will automatically be deleted from 360MatchPro. 
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