What are the benefits of Double the Donation's service?

What are the benefits of Double the Donation's service?

Double the Donation's service helps solve two of the biggest challenges nonprofits face when it comes to raising more money from employee matching gift and volunteer grant programs:
  1. Raising awareness
  2. Making the process easy

So often donors work for companies that offer matching gift programs but either don't know about their companies' programs or don't know how to submit their matching gifts/volunteer grants. Learn more about the matching gift awareness gap here.

Double the Donation provides the tools necessary to raise awareness among donors and make it easier for them to submit matching gifts, thereby helping your organization raise more money. We do this through our 360MatchPro platform, the leading matching gift automation tool for nonprofits and educational institutions.

How does 360MatchPro by Double the Donation raise more money for our organization?

360MatchPro works by helping donors discover their matching gift eligibility and then guiding them through the matching gift process. That usually entails:
  1. Gathering donor employment data during the donation process
  2. Automating matching gift instructions to those donors

The result of this personalized outreach is more matching gift requests submitted by your donors and therefore more matching gift revenue for your organization.

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What kind of results do organizations typically see with 360MatchPro?

Organizations using 360MatchPro routinely see their matching gift revenue grow 50% year-over-year! In a study of organizations using 360MatchPro compared to organizations that weren't, organizations using 360MatchPro found that 60-80% of their eligible donors ended up submitting a matching gift request, contrasted with just 10-20% of eligible donors submitting match requests without the help of 360MatchPro. This trend compounds over time, with donors who discovered their eligibility last year using that newfound awareness to submit again this year and the next.

A number of factors can have an impact on your organization's matching gift results with 360MatchPro, including matching gift eligibility of your organization per company program guidelines and your organization's implementation of 360MatchPro. The Double the Donation Client Success Team is always here with resources, best practices, and guidance to help your organization optimize your implementation!