Understanding User Roles

Understanding User Roles

User Roles

When an account is created for your organization, it will include one primary user on the account. We recommend adding 3 or more users to the account in order to ensure your team members are aware of 360MatchPro. Often, multiple roles from your organization will need access to your 360MatchPro, especially when getting set up. These different roles include marketing, fundraising, technical, development, etc.

Within your 360MatchPro, you have the ability to add users to your account and assign a particular role to that user. There are three user roles within 360MatchPro: 
  1. Administrator
  2. Edit
  3. View Only

User Roles and Functionality

View Only
View Dashboard

View Settings Overview

Sort and Filer donation records 
View Campaign, Insights, and Donors'
Interactions with Emails 
Access to Views Tab

Access to View Statistics by donor status

View a summary of statistics

View Email Statistics 

View Forms Available Statistics 

View Plugin Usage Statistics 

Portal Logins 

Access to Marketing Resources

Edit Manual Email Templates 

Send manual emails in the donation records

Copy, export, or delete donation records 

View Blocklist 

Add donors' emails to the blocklist 

Remove donors' emails to the blocklist 

View API Keys

View Integration Guides

Data Import: Import CSV files of
donation records to send automated emails

Access to plugin embed code for a dedicated
matching gift page

Configure emails so email sending comes
from the organization's domain

Put email restrictions on the number of emails
sent during a period of time for all donors, 
recurring donors, upper/donation amount

Enable/Disable Automated Emails

Edit Automated Email Templates 

Send Emails to all donation records

Change the Logo and Header Image

Change any colors with the emails

Redirect donors to thank you pages within 
automated emails 

Exclude companies from your organization's
matching gift database

Integrate 360MatchPro with some platforms 
within the account

View the User Management tab, add New Users on the account, or change the Role of a user on the account

Reset Passwords

View the type of plan in Billing

Add a New Card on File 

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