Promise Creation

Promise Creation

The Promise Creation feature of 360MatchPro is intended to create even greater visibility into the matching gift revenue generated by 360MatchPro for your organization. With this functionality, 360MatchPro attempts to estimate the value of the matching gift requests we believe were submitted by your donors.

  1. Promise: The donation a company pledges to donate to your organization after a donor/employee submits a matching gift request.
  2. Promise amount: The amount of that corporate donation.
    1. Note: Sometimes the same as the original donation amount, but often different. Reasons the promise amount could be different from the donation amount include vary. The most common reason is the matching gift company programs could have a 2:1, 3:1, .5:1, or other non-1:1 match ratio. 360MatchPro factors in this common scenario into the promise amount.

Promise Creation Settings

To access Promise Creation settings, navigate to "Settings" in the lefthand menu. Select the "Promise Creation" tab.

In the Promise Creation tab, you will see your settings.

Feature toggle

This toggle turns the promise creation feature on and off.

If you have been using the promise creation feature and turn it off at some point using the toggle, the following will happen:
  1. No promise data will be added to any new transactions in your 360MatchPro account.
  2. The Promise column will not appear as an option in the Donations tab.
  3. The promise amount field will not appear in the API for any donations.

If you turn the toggle back on, these actions are reversed and your historical promise creation data will appear again. No promise data will appear for donations that entered 360MatchPro while the feature toggle was in the "disabled" position.

Status checkboxes

Your organization gest to decide when you would like to trigger the creation of a promise. This decision is based on the statuses of donations in 360MatchPro. Promise data will only be added to donations in the statuses that you select here.

What happens when donations change statuses when Promise Creation is enabled?
  1. If a donation moves from an unchecked status into a checked status: Promise data is added to the record.
  2. If a donation moves from a checked status into an unchecked status: The promise amount is updated to $0. The promise creation fields still appear in the API for the donation.
These updates happen immediately upon the status changing.

Recommended approach: Double the Donation recommends starting with the "Payment Pending" and "Match Complete" statuses checked. This is the most conservative approach to promise creation. Over time, your organization can decide to modify these settings to better fit your organization's business workflows if needed.

Promise Creation Workflow

If your organization has enabled promise creation, promises can be created a few different ways. Promise amounts are calculated differently based on how the promise itself was created.

A promise may be added to a record:
  1. Automatically when a record enters a status checked in Promise Creation Settings (see above)
  2. By a workplace giving partner (read more about autosubmission)
  3. Manually entered by a 360MatchPro user in the Donations tab (see below)

The promise amount added to the record is determined by a few factors.
  1. If the promise was added by a 360MatchPro user or a corporate vendor partner, the promise amount will simply reflect what was provided
  2. If the promise amount was added automatically by status change:
    1. If the employer is known, the promise amount is calculated using that company's program information, defaulting to the lowest matching gift ratio and maximum donation when the company offers a range for different types of employees
    2. If the employer is unknown, the promise amount is calculated using a 1:1 match ratio with no minimum and maximum donation considerations

Promise Creation and Integrations

Some 360MatchPro integrations support the creation of Promise records (sometimes also known as matching gift records) in the partner platform. Each partner who supports this functionality may implement promise creation in different ways. In general, partner platforms that support Promise Creation will check 360MatchPro, on a pre-determined cadence, for any donations with new promise fields. The partner platform will then create a new record in their platform reflecting this data (typically some combination of the promise amount, the updated timestamp, the parent donation record, etc.).

Note that promise data is simply appended to the original donation record in 360MatchPro. A second Promise or Matching Gift Record is only created in partner platforms that support this integration functionality.

Promise Creation in the Donations tab

When Promise Creation is enabled, the Promise column will appear as an option in your Donations tab. You can view or hide this column like any other column in the table using the "Configure Columns" dropdown menu at the top of the table.

The promise amount displayed in the Promise column is calculated based on a number of factors, including but not limited to:
  1. Original donation amount
  2. Company program guidelines
  3. 360MatchPro admin user input (editable from the Donations tab by selecting the pencil icon next to the promise amount)

The promise amount in the Promise column is the amount that will appear in any platforms supporting a Promise Creation integration, in any custom API implementations, and in any CSV exports from 360MatchPro.

Note: You can delete a promise by selecting the pencil icon next to the promise amount, removing the number to create a blank field, and saving your changes.

Training Video: Promise Creation