What is Matching Gift Auto-submission?

What is Matching Gift Auto-submission?

Matching Gift Auto-submission allows your donors to complete and send in their matching gift requests to their employers directly from the confirmation page widget on your donation confirmation screens. Double the Donation has partnered with several corporate giving management platforms to make this functionality available to many of your online donors. 

Auto-submission increases matching gift request submission rates and gives you more visibility into the matching gift disbursement process!

How does Auto-submission work? 

During the donation process

When a donor gives to your organization using an online donation form integrated with 360MatchPro, the 360MatchPro matching gift plugin on your donation form’s confirmation page will include the option to complete the matching gift submission process immediately. 

From here, donors may enter in their corporate email address or other information required by their company and submit their matching gift request without having to be directed to a longer process on a different website.

In 360MatchPro automated outreach

Gifts that enter 360MatchPro through a method other than an online donation form can also be eligible for autosubmission! Donors who work for a company that offers autosubmission can enter 360MatchPro from a CRM integration, CSV import, etc. and still receive an automated email from 360MatchPro. We don't want to leave them out of autosubmission. But don't worry! The Double the Donation matching gift plugin on your dedicated matching gift page (or temporary autogenerated plugin page) will recognize that the donation is eligible for autosubmission when directed from an email and show them the autosubmission flow illustrated above. This also applies to donors who identified their company on a donation form but did not interact with the matching gift plugin on the confirmation page during the donation process.

Bottom line: If a donor is eligible for autosubmission, and they click on a link in a 360MatchPro automated email, they will be directed through the autosubmission flow.

In your 360MatchPro portal

360MatchPro will then track not only the matching gift request submission, but will also automatically update the status field in 360MatchPro when the company approves the request. You can view this in your 360MatchPro platform in the Donations tab as a colored flag in the Status column, like this:

The statuses reported back by the corporate matching gift vendor platform could differ slightly per platform. The table below outlines the most common statuses:

Scroll right to view full table.
Flag that will appear in your 360MatchPro account
Associated status in 360MatchPro
Auto-submission received
Match Initiated
The corporate matching gift vendor platform has received the matching gift request
Auto-submission pending approval
Match Initiated
If manual company admin approval is required: The matching gift request has been received and moved into the approval queue
Auto-submission approved
Pending Payment
The matching gift request has been approved
Auto-submission rejected
The matching gift request has been rejected
Funds pending disbursement
Pending Payment
The matching gift request has been approved and moved into the disbursement queue
Funds disbursed
Pending Payment
The matching gift funds have been disbursed to your nonprofit

How do I set up Auto-submission?

Once your 360MatchPro account is set up and donations are flowing in, auto-submission will automatically be enabled for applicable donations. Just make sure you have completely filled out your Organization Profile to ensure all the information needed for a matching gift submission is available.

Matching Gift Auto-submission - Double the Donation FAQ

Q: I don’t have a 360MatchPro account. How do I get one? 
A: Visit https://360matchpro.com/demo-request/ to request a demo!

Q: Will all donors see the option for auto-submission?
A: Auto-submission options will appear for companies whose matching gift management platforms integrate with 360MatchPro. For companies without integrated vendor management platforms, the matching gift plugin will appear with a direct link to the matching gift submission process, just like normal, like so:

Q: Will the auto-submission option appear on my dedicated matching gift page?
A: No. Donors will only see the option to auto-submit a matching gift on the confirmation page of a donation form. If the matching gift plugin does not detect that a donation has been made -- for example, on your dedicated matching gift page -- donors will see the same matching gift program information and links as always.

Q: How do I remove auto-submission from my 360MatchPro tools?
A: To remove auto-submission functionality for your donors, go to your organization profile in your 360MatchPro account and toggle the Auto-submission switch to OFF. 

Training Video: Matching Gift Auto-Submission