How does 360MatchPro use my donor information?

How does 360MatchPro use my donor information?

Donor Privacy Concerns: 

If you’re like most nonprofits, your organization’s Employee Handbook, Donor Privacy Guidelines, and/or city/state/country laws specify that donor names and information should not be made public or shared without permission. There are two underlying components to this that must be handled differently:

  1. Sharing donor data outside of your organization with the intent to sell or use the specific donor data for some violation of donor trust. (e.g., Big data companies selling donor data, publishing donor data on your website, etc.)
  2. Sharing donor data with vendors whose sole mission is to facilitate the effectiveness of your organization and only perform actions that are directly decided by your organization. (E.g., Software companies, printing shops, or credit card processors.)

Double the Donation and 360MatchPro fall directly in Category #2 as we only use your donor data to perform actions, send emails, and generate reporting and insights that your organization specifically configures, initiates, and controls. It’s for this reason that 360MatchPro has passed the Donor Privacy Concerns of organizations throughout the world.

With 360MatchPro, you pass donor data into our system so your organization can take the desired action of promoting matching gifts. The data is never made public or used for other purposes. Your 360MatchPro Agreement specifies exactly how your donor data will be used. Usage of 360MatchPro falls within all normal donor privacy guidelines and laws specifying how donor information can be used or shared.

Removal Options:

In the event a donor does not wish to receive matching gift emails or remain within 360MatchPro, we’ve built in multiple donor removal options:

1. At any point, a donor can unsubscribe from all matching gift emails that your organization is sending through 360MatchPro.

2. We offer APIs so you can blocklist any email addresses, including those that have already unsubscribed from your newsletters.

3. If a donor wishes to be removed from all your systems, you can easily delete donation records from 360MatchPro.

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