Getting Started: Understanding API Keys

Getting Started: Understanding API Keys

API Keys

You have access to your Public and Private Keys; API Keys from our matching gift software allow your software platform to flow donor information into 360MatchPro. Sometimes a platform will ask for the API Key(s) within your 360MatchPro account in order to connect 360MatchPro with your platform. Access your API Keys by going to Settings --> API Keys. 

360MatchPro Public Key

The Public Key is a public-facing key that connects the plugin usage to your 360MatchPro account. 

360MatchPro Private Key

This key is used for API Calls and should never be displayed publicly. The Private API Key is for your organization's use only and provides access to your donor information and 360MatchPro integration. 

General Documentation

You get access to our General Setup Documentation. This documentation is for individual nonprofit organizations that are integrating 360MatchPro into their donation page. There is a custom implementation guide, as well as platform-specific integration guides.

Other Integration guides 

There is a link that navigates you to all of our integration guides for specific platforms. Each guide will walk you through the setup process to integrate that specific platform with our software.

Training Video: API Keys

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