Email Address Autocorrection

Email Address Autocorrection

Donors often make spelling mistakes when entering their email address on a donation form. Staff members can also make simple accidents when entering information into your systems. When an email address is not spelled exactly correct, your donor cannot receive necessary matching gift communications through 360MatchPro. This setting automatically corrects any clearly accidentally misspelled email address to ensure all donors receive the right messaging about matching gifts.

How do I turn on the feature to automatically correct these misspelled email domains?

Good news! This feature is activated by default for all 360MatchPro accounts.

If you would like to disable this feature, navigate to "Advanced Settings" and uncheck the box in the "Email Address Autocorrection" section.

Where does the list of misspelled email domains come from?

Double the Donation regularly scans all bounced email addresses that have been processed through 360MatchPro. The most common ones are added to the list. Double the Donation also consults industry lists of commonly misspelled email domains.

Which email domains are automatically corrected?

Refer to the table below:
Misspelled Email Domain
Corrected Email Domain

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