Double the Donation and Selflessly: Partners for Matching Gift Auto-Submission

Double the Donation and Selflessly: Partners for Matching Gift Auto-Submission

Matching Gift Auto-submission allows your donors to complete and send in their matching gift requests to their employers directly from the confirmation page widget on your donation confirmation screens. Double the Donation has partnered with corporate giving management platforms like Selflessly to make this functionality available to many of your online donors. 

How does auto-submission work with the Selflessly platform?

When a donor gives to your organization using an online donation form integrated with 360MatchPro, the 360MatchPro matching gift plugin on your donation form’s confirmation page will include the option to complete the matching gift submission process immediately. 

From here, donors may enter their corporate email address and indicate that they would like to opt-in for the auto-submission process. Once the donor makes that selection, they can submit their matching gift request without having to be directed to a longer process on a different website.

How does information from the Selflessly platform populate in my 360MatchPro portal?

Selflessly picks up matching gift submissions from 360MatchPro every three hours. Then, the CSR platform sends matching gift submission statuses to 360MatchPro immediately as matching gift requests are approved or denied by the company administrator within the Selflessly platform. 

For more information on matching gift statuses from CSR platforms in your 360MatchPro portal, check out our article, “What is Matching Gift Auto-submission?”

How do I set up auto-submission with Selflessly?

Once your 360MatchPro account is set up and donations are flowing in, auto-submission will automatically be enabled for applicable donations. Just make sure you have completely filled out your Organization Profile to ensure all the information needed for a matching gift submission is available.

Matching Gift Auto-Submission with Selflessly - Double the Donation FAQ

Q: I don’t have a 360MatchPro account. How do I get one? 
A: Visit to request a demo!

Q: Will all donors see the option for auto-submission?
A: Auto-submission options will appear for companies whose matching gift management platforms integrate with 360MatchPro. For companies without integrated vendor management platforms, the matching gift plugin will appear with a direct link to the matching gift submission process, just like normal, like so:

Q: Does my nonprofit need to sign up with Selflessly to receive the matching gift?
A: No, your organization will receive the matching gift regardless of if they are signed up with Selflessly.

Q: Will the auto-submission option appear on my dedicated matching gift page?
A: No. Donors will only see the option to auto-submit a matching gift on the confirmation page of a donation form. If the matching gift plugin does not detect that a donation has been made -- for example, on your dedicated matching gift page -- donors will see the same matching gift program information and links as always.

Q: How do I remove auto-submission from my 360MatchPro tools?
A: To remove auto-submission functionality for your donors, go to your organization profile in your 360MatchPro account and toggle the Auto-submission switch to OFF. 

Q: I have questions about how my matches are appearing in Selflessly. How can I get help?
A: Please feel free to email or use your in-app support chat!