Data Import: Mapping Companies

Data Import: Mapping Companies

Mapping Companies

Navigate To Data Import/Export --> Data Import --> Choose the CSV File you wish to upload. 


When you've chosen the CSV file, in Step 2, you'll be able to preview the first 10 mapped donation records. 

Then, in Step 3: you'll be able to see if any companies within the CSV file were mapped based on the companies within our matching gift database. 360MatchPro will show your entered company name and its' best guess based on matching gift company names within our database. 

You have the ability to keep or not keep the company name for each entry. We recommend referring to the score to guide you, keeping any company names equal to or above 15. Please review all suggestions, as exceptions happen. While you can individually check and uncheck each entry, you can also use the "Threshold" text entry field to check all entries meeting or exceeding a specific score, or use the "Uncheck All" button to start over.

If the "DTD Best Guess" column displays "Reasonable best guess not found" or does not display the company you wish to map to that record, you can manually select the company you wish to assign to the record. Select the "Manually Select Company" button, and a company search tool will appear.  Use the search tool to select the correct company. 

If you selected the wrong company, use the "Clear Manual Selection" hyperlink to reset your search.

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