Credit Card Getting Declined

Credit Card Getting Declined

Adding Card on File and Card Declined/Error 

If the credit card you want to put on file is getting declined and/or there is an error with putting your card on file please contact us by emailing us at

Please include a phone number where we can reach you at. We'll look into any declined/rejected/error messages and someone from our team will either email or call you to help you get up and running.

Credit Card Declined 

If your billing date occurs for your subscription to our services and the card on file is declined, we will attempt to charge the card 4 more times within a 2 week period. During these attempts, we will email you notifying you that you have an outstanding invoice. If you receive this notice, please update your card on file by logging into your account --> Billing --> Credit Card on File.  If you have any questions about billing please email us at and let us know the reason the billing issue you are experiencing.