Blocklist: How Records are Added

Blocklist: How Records are Added

Adding Donation Records to Blocklist

Donation records can be added to the blocklist in the following ways: 
  1. If you have direct CRM integration with 360MatchPro and have donation records tagged "Do not email" those donation records will be added to the blocklist 
  2. If the donor identifies in the automated emails that they are ineligible, they will be added to the blocklist for six months (180 days). After 180 days, the donor will be removed from the list. View this article to learn more.
  3. If the donor unsubscribes from the matching gift emails, the donor will be added to the blocklist permanently and will not receive any more emails from 360MatchPro.
  4. If you manually add records by either typing them into 360MatchPro or by uploading a CSV file of emails or phone numbers or both, those records will be added in bulk to the blocklist.

Manually Added Donation Records

You have the ability to manually add donation records to the blocklist. From Settings --> Blocklist Management --> Click on "Add Emails to Blocklist" and add the email address then click add emails. You can add emails from a particular domain by using the @ followed by the domain. This is useful for any corporate givers or foundations that you'd like to permanently add to the blocklist so they don't receive blocklist emails. 

You can add multiple email addresses at a time by adding a comma in between each email address or putting each email address on a new line. 

Upload Records in Bulk

You have the ability to add larger quantities of email addresses and/or phone number records to the blocklist in bulk. From Settings --> Blocklist Management --> scroll down to “Email/Phone Blocklist Upload.” Follow the instructions for formatting your CSV file to ensure that the values import to the blocklist correctly. 

Please Note: Approximately 6,000 records can be uploaded at a time. If the file exceeds 6,000 records, the upload will need to be completed in batches. 

Once your CSV is formatted according to the sample file, click the Choose File button to preview the records. If the records are ready to be imported, click Import Data to import the records you would like blocklisted.

Once imported, your newly added records will appear on the Email or Phone Blocklist at the top of the page. Their note will auto populate to read “Blocklisted via CSV import”. 

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