360MatchPro and Corporate Workplace Giving

360MatchPro and Corporate Workplace Giving

360MatchPro is a fully automated matching gift software that helps identify matching gift opportunities and sets up an automated plan in place for your organization. Although matching gifts are submitted by individuals, they shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to your corporate workplace giving strategy. You can use 360MatchPro to get a broader sense of where your donors work and which companies support you through their matching gift programs. You can also use insights from 360MatchPro to identify potential volunteers for corporate teams, high-value partners to recognize, mid-level partners, to strengthen ties with, and more.

Identifying Top Companies

From the Dashboard, you can access your Top Companies. Click Show all to view the list of top companies, sorted by the number of donors in your 360MatchPro account.

The Top Companies dashboard allows you to quickly view program details to determine if you are eligible for the company's program. If you aren’t eligible for the program but have a high engagement from donors, we recommend reaching out to existing contacts at the company to ask for a one-off match for any active fundraising events the company may be participating in.

You can also view donor records by click on the number of donations by the company name

This view lets you get a quick overview of the match potential for a company. You can also adjust the number of entries you can see by clicking the drop-down menu next to Show ___ entries.

Exporting Donors for a Specific Company

Sometimes you want to take a closer look at a company’s potential. To export and manipulate data, go to the Donations tab and type the company name into the Search field.

When exporting records, you can easily identify:
  • Totals outstanding dollars from matches (Waiting for Donor / Match Initiated)

  • Total dollars expected from matches (Pending Payment)

  • Total dollars received (Match Complete)

  • Top donors for a specific company

Leveraging Data from 360MatchPro for Your Corporate Giving Strategy

The above figures can be included in presentations to the company thanking them for their partnership, or as a case to expand an existing partnership (especially if you aren’t eligible for their matching gift program).

Top donors for a company could be passed on to mid-level or major giving officers for cultivation. They could also be recruited as a volunteer, fundraiser, or organizational champion. An organizational champion is someone who helps maintain the relationship with your organization at a company. They may be responsible for assisting employees with the matching gift process, recruiting and assisting fundraisers, managing corporate teams, and more. 

You could also export records from a specific time period by the campaign to view top companies for that campaign and time frame. Over time, this lets you quantify who your top corporate partners are in matches to better cultivate and retain those relationships over time.

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