Where do you obtain the company specific matching gift and volunteer grant information?

This article explains where the information in Double the Donation's database is sourced from.

Our team utilizes a variety of methods to provide your donors and volunteers with accurate and complete corporate giving information.

This includes:

  1. Community relations departments at companies
  2. Matching gift program administrators
  3. Colleagues and peers
  4. Website visitors
  5. Corporate websites
  6. Press releases
  7. Our nonprofit clients

Our goal is to ensure our database is as accurate and comprehensive as possible to ensure you're providing your donors and volunteers with the matching gift and volunteer grant information that helps them submit more grant requests.

Learn more about our research methods.

If you have information about a company's matching gift program that should be in our database, let us know! You can submit information to add a new program here or update program information for a company that's already in the database here.