What is the Open Discovery Program?

This article walks through the Open Discovery Partnerships program and how to enable Open Discovery participation in 360MatchPro.

What are Open Discovery Partners?

What does the Open Discovery Program do for us?

How do I enable Open Discovery for my organization?

What are Open Discovery Partners?

Double the Donation's Open Discovery Partnership Program creates a way for your organization to help donors learn more about their matching gift eligibility without having to connect your 360MatchPro account to a fundraising platform you may not use for your primary donation processing.

Our Open Discovery Partnership network consists of platforms that have many different fundraising methods. These could include:

  • Donor Advised Fund (DAF) platforms, which allow donors to make grant recommendations to the nonprofit of their choice based on IRS records
  • "Marketplace" platforms, which allow donors to consolidate their giving to multiple nonprofits on one platform, and may allow donors to discover nonprofits they have not heard of before
  • Financial services/payment processing providers that offer charitable donations
  • Retail checkout providers that allow a supplemental donation at checkout
  • Payroll platforms that offer to deduct funds for charitable donations
  • Gamification platforms like walkathon or similar independent crowdfunding platforms
  • Giving day platforms

What does the Open Discovery Program do for my organization?

When a donor wants to give through one of Double the Donation's Open Discovery Partners, they will often be presented with a choice of what organization to benefit when they make their gift. When a donor chooses to give to your organization, the Double the Donation auto-complete search tool will appear within your organization profile, and the donor can search their company name just as they would if they were giving on your integrated donation forms. 

At this time, no data will flow into your 360MatchPro account, but the donor will be able to search their company name and learn about their match eligibility, closing the donor awareness gap even for those who don't navigate to your organization's website to give.

How do I enable Open Discovery for my organization?

You don't have to do any custom coding or arrange any new relationships with our Open Discovery Partners to benefit from this program! All you need to do is make sure you have the Open Discovery sharing setting on. 

Step 1: Navigate to "Settings" --> "Organization Profile" in your 360MatchPro account. 

Step 2: Ensure the toggle under "Share with Open Discovery Platform Partners" is Enabled.

Organization Profile-Open Discovery Partnership sharing

That's it! Your organization profile in our Open Discovery Partnership network will now include matching gift information.