How many companies are in Double the Donation's database?

This article explains how comprehensive Double the Donation's matching gift database is.

We believe our database has detailed information on the corporations that employ between 95%-99% of individuals who are matching gift eligible. 

Below is a snapshot of our database coverage. 

There are three ways to count the number of companies:

  1. Parent companies -- We have over 4,000 major parent companies (ex. Disney)
  2. Subsidiaries -- We have about 10,000 additional major subsidiaries (ex. ABC, ESPN, Pixar, etc).
  3. Brands & alternate spelling variations -- We have thousands of additional spelling variations but our auto-complete streamlined search ensures an organization's supporters will find their company. For example, Disneyworld Corporation, Walt Disney Corporation, Disney World, etc. all bring up the parent company with the correct matching gift and volunteer grant information)

Currently our database includes matching gift or volunteer grant information on companies that employ over 26 million individuals. 

If you ever see a number online that says there are around 24,000 matching gift companies it's based on the alternate spelling variations.

Learn more about how we build and maintain our database to ensure it's as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible.