How comprehensive is Double the Donation’s database?

This article explains that Double the Donation's database has detailed information on corporations that employ between 95-99% of individuals who are matching gift eligible.

Our database contains matching gift and volunteer grant information for companies and subsidiaries representing millions of employees.


While it's entirely optional, we always request that organizations that use our service send us a list of all companies that matched one or multiple donations to the organization in the last twelve months. We then use this information from clients across the nonprofit spectrum to understand if we have any gaps in our database.


Using this information we believe our database has detailed information on the corporations that employ between 95-99% of individuals who are matching gift eligible and we're always working to expand it. 


Our database is extensive and provides corporate giving information on many of the largest companies in the United States, Canada, Eastern Europe, and Australia. That being said, we recognize it isn’t 100% exhaustive as new companies are regularly instituting matching gift programs.


If you’re aware of a company that offers employee giving programs and isn’t in our database email us at or submit the company into our approval process.


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