How are subsidiaries and alternate spelling variations handled?

This article explains that a wide range of terms are linked to each company's entry in Double the Donation's database to ensure that we account for subsidiaries, brands, divisions, and alternate spelling variations.

We structure our database and search functionality to ensure your organization's supporters who work for a company with a matching gift or volunteer grant program will be able to find their company when they search using a wide range of terms.


To power our search, we include a wide range of terms that users may search for, all linked to each company's entry. These include:

  • Subsidiaries
  • Brands
  • Divisions
  • Alternate spelling variations


Our auto-complete ensures that as donors are typing either the parent company or one of the above variations they're prompted to select their company. Without prompting a user with an auto-completed company entry, there's a risk they continue typing and ultimately get a "Company Not Found" result.


For example, let's look at a company like Disney:

If an employee types in a subsidiary such as one of the following they'll instantly pull up the primary entry for "The Walt Disney Corporation:

  • ABC
  • ESPN
  • Disneyworld
  • Disneyland
  • Or countless others


Employees who work for these subsidiaries/brands / divisions then access the matching gift and volunteer grant information they need. 


When it comes to spelling variations, if you were to ask the 100,000+ employees who work for Disney to type in their employer's name you'd see countless variations such as:

  • Disney
  • Walt Disney World
  • Disneyworld Corporation
  • Disney World
  • Disney World Park in Orlando
  • The Walt Disneyworld Corporation


If a donor or volunteer is thinking "I should type in Disney Hotels and Parks" or "I should type in Disney Division Manager" then as they're typing D...I...S...N...E...Y... they'll be prompted to select the right company.


There is nothing worse than a matching gift-eligible donor receiving a "Company Not Found" message due to typing a spelling variation that doesn't pull up a matching gift company. Our auto-complete maximizes the likelihood that matching gift or volunteer grant-eligible donors find their employers.