Platform Integrations: Within 360MatchPro vs. Specific Partner Platforms

This article explains the different types of platforms that 360MatchPro integrates with and how these integrations can be configured.

Platform Type of Integrations

Platform Integrations within 360MatchPro

Additional platform and integration guides: 

Platform Type of Integrations

360MatchPro can integrate with the following types of software platforms:

  1. Donation forms

  2.  Nonprofit CRMs

  3. Crowdfunding platform

  4. Peer-to-peer fundraising platform

  5. Content Management Systems

  6. Charity Auction Platform

  7. Event Fundraising Software

  8. Text-to-give tools


View this page to learn more about our official technology partners.

Platform Integrations within 360MatchPro

When you log in to your 360MatchPro account portal and navigate to the Integrations --> Manage tab, you'll find a long list of donation forms and CRM platforms that we integrate. 



Please keep in mind, that this is not the full list of platforms we integrate with; these platforms are seen within 360MatchPro because some integrations require you to connect your platform with 360MatchPro. 


The list of platforms that require you to connect your platform with 360Matchpro are the following:

  1. DonorDrive

  2. Kindful 

  3. Salesforce

  4. NeonCRM

  5. Classy

  6. Blackbaud Raiser's Edge

  7. Ellucian

  8. DonorPerfect

  9. Rallybound


When the platform is connected, it will be visible under the Integrations --> Manage tab. 


Additional platform and integration guides: 

There are additional platforms that 360MatchPro can integrate with and they are the following:

  1. iModules

  2. iDonate

  3. GiveGab

  4. Fundly

  5. Allegiance

  6. Blackbaud Online Express

  7. Salsa Engage

  8. Blackbaud Net Community 

  9. Blackbaud Luminate Forms

  10. Virtuous

  11. Revv

  12. BigRiver

  13. ACD Direct

  14. Soapbox Engage

  15. Funraise

  16. OneCause

  17. Arreva

  18. Raise Donors

  19. Almabase

  20. Fundraise Up 


For more information about these platforms and how 360MatchPro integrates with these platforms, please visit this page


 For more information on these specific platform guides, please reach out to