Getting Started: External Profiles

This article provides an overview of the External Profiles tab in your 360MatchPro account, and how to use it to benefit your organization's efforts.

What is the External Profiles tab?

How do I update my organization's information for external profiles?


What is the External Profiles tab?

Within your 360MatchPro account settings, the External Profiles tab allows you to review a list of external platforms that may or may not include information about your organization and details.

Double the Donation has collected a list of platforms that may hold organization profiles in their platform so you can easily find your profile and ensure your information is correct in these platforms. This is a growing list and Double the Donation does not necessarily have a direct relationship with any listed platform. 

The table includes the name of the platform, a short description of the platform, and a link to the platform's nonprofit portal. 

How do I update my organization's information for external profiles?

Every external platform is different. Some are corporate social responsibility (CSR) platforms, some are nonprofit directories, some are platforms that allow users to make donations to any nonprofit of their choice using IRS records or other publicly available data.

To see if your organization has a profile in these external platforms, to add a profile for your organization, or update existing profile information, you can click the "View" link on the right hand side of the table. You will be redirected to the website of the external platform to search and edit your organization's information.


Q: Can I edit this information in my 360MatchPro account and update the entire list in bulk? 

A: At this time, to make edits to your profiles on external platforms you need to do so directly with the external platform. Double the Donation has collected this list of external profiles to assist you in discovering places your organization's information may be shown, but is unable to update that information on your behalf.