Does Double the Donation integrate with Squarespace?

This article walks through how clients using Squarespace as their content management system (CMS) can embed the matching gift plugin onto their website.

Step-by-Step: Integrate Double the Donation's Matching Gift Plugin into Squarespace

Step-by-Step: Integrate Double the Donation's Matching Gift Plugin into Squarespace


360MatchPro is the industry-leading matching gifts automation solution for nonprofits and educational institutions to identify more matching gift revenue opportunities and drive more matches to completion. You’ll need a 360MatchPro account to activate the matching gift functionality within this partner platform. Not a 360MatchPro client? Schedule a demo at


Step #1: Log into your 360MatchPro account and go to Settings → Plugin Settings.




Step #2: Highlight and copy the embed code. This code will be pasted in your Squarespace site on the dedicated matching gifts page later on.'


Step #3: Go to your Squarespace page which will become your dedicated matching gifts page. In the section, your plugin will go to, click the Add Block button to insert a content block. Select the Embed option.



Step #4: Select Code Snippet --> Embed Data --> Paste in the code copied from your 360MatchPro plugin settings. Once the code has been added, select Back




Step #5:  Squarespace will disable part of the script but you can click Preview Safe Mode to display the search plugin.

5 preview

Step #6: Hit Done → save at the upper left corner of the page and see your dedicated matching gifts page featuring the plugin.



Step #7:  Lastly, enter the URL of your new matching gifts page into your Plugin Settings in your 360MatchPro account and save settings.



Q: What plan do I need to add the plugin code to our Squarespace site? 

A: The ability to add the Double the Donation plugin code is available to Squarespace clients on the Business Plan or above