Does Double the Donation Integrate with Shift Fundraising?

This article walks through Double the Donation's integration with Shift Fundraising.

Setting up 360MatchPro in Shift Fundraising

Step-by-Step: The Integrated 360MatchPro and Shift Fundraising Donor Experience

Shift Fundraising - Double the Donation FAQs


360MatchPro is the industry-leading matching gifts automation solution for nonprofits and educational institutions to identify more matching gift revenue opportunities and drive more matches to completion. You’ll need a 360MatchPro account to activate the matching gift functionality within this partner platform. Not a 360MatchPro client? Schedule a demo at

Setting up 360MatchPro in Shift Fundraising

To integrate 360MatchPro with your Shift Fundraising giving pages, contact your Shift Fundraising account executive. They will activate 360MatchPro by Double the Donation so that you can start driving revenue with employer-matching gifts.

Step-by-Step: The Integrated 360MatchPro and Shift Fundraising Donor Experience


Step #1: Donor accesses your Shift Fundraising donation form.


Step #2: The donor enters their employer name in the search field on the donation form and 360MatchPro determines if they are eligible for a matching gift program. This search field takes spelling errors, parent companies, and subsidiary companies into account.



Step #3: 360MatchPro then provides the donor with a direct link to their specific matching gift submission form on your donation confirmation page - so they can start the matching gift process with just one click. This link is coupled with matching gift program guidelines. 


                    This image is a simplified version of the matching gift confirmation page info.


Step #4: After the donation, you can choose to send the donor a targeted matching gift email. These messages are completely customizable, and they also contain a direct link to the donor's matching gift submission form. 



360MatchPro then tracks actionable matching gift insights within your 360MatchPro account, such as match-identified donors and email open rates.


This integrated solution works to drive matching gift requests for your organization - so that you can increase donations without any extra effort.

Shift Fundraising - Double the Donation FAQs

Q: I don’t have a 360MatchPro account. How do I get one?

A: Visit to request a demo! Make sure you mention that you use Shift Fundraising in your demo request form.


Q: Where can I embed Double the Donation's matching gift search plugin?

A: We recommend that you incorporate Double the Donation's matching gift search tool across your broader fundraising. To install the search tool anywhere on your website, simply copy and paste the Embed Code from your 360MatchPro portal.


We recommend that you create a dedicated matching gift page where you can explain what matching gift programs are and provide donors with a chance to look up their employer's program forms, guidelines, and instructions. This page can be used as a resource to be included in emails, newsletters, and direct messages.


Take a look at an example from the Cat Rescue Club:



Q: Where can I learn more about the 360MatchPro and Shift Marketing integration?
A: Navigate to our partner landing page to learn how 360MatchPro and Shift Fundraising can increase your matching gift revenue!