Does Double the Donation Integrate with Kindful?

This article walks through Double the Donation's integration with Kindful.

Step-by-Step: Establishing a direct link between Double the Donation's 360MatchPro and Kindful

Kindful - Double the Donation FAQs


360MatchPro is the industry-leading matching gifts automation solution for nonprofits and educational institutions to identify more matching gift revenue opportunities and drive more matches to completion. You’ll need a 360MatchPro account to activate the matching gift functionality within this partner platform. Not a 360MatchPro client? Schedule a demo at

Step-by-Step: Establishing a direct link between Double the Donation's 360MatchPro and Kindful

Note: Once a direct link is established, new donation records in Kindful will auto


Step #1: Log into 360MatchPro at
Step #2: Navigate to the "Integrations" tab and select "Browse". Use the Browse Partner Directory to search for "Kindful". 
Step #3: Select "Activate Integration". Then, click "Sign in with Kindful"
Step #4: You'll be redirected to Kindful's website. Grant access to 360MatchPro by entering your Kindful credentials.
Step #5: You'll be presented with the following page. Follow steps 1-3.
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Kindful - Double the Donation FAQs

Q: I don’t have a 360MatchPro account. How do I get one?

A: Visit to request a demo! Make sure you mention that you use Kindful in your demo request form.


Q: How does the integration work?

A: The webhooks that are created in Step #5 above will push donations from Kindful into 360MatchPro in real-time. The webhook will append your 360MatchPro public key in the request. After 360MatchPro receives the data from Kindful, 360MatchPro will call the Kindful API to verify the transaction. It will verify that the transaction originated from Kindful and that it is associated with your account. 


Q: How are items mapped between Kindful and 360MatchPro?

A: See table below. 



Do field sync?





Transaction amount minus non-tax deductible amount





No, Sync occurs only if there is a transaction update event.












Q: When donations are updated or deleted in Kindful, will the changes be reflected in 360MatchPro?

A: Yes. 360MatchPro will receive and process these changes.


Q: I see transactions in my 360MatchPro account with timestamps before I turned on the integration, but I haven't imported any historical data. Why?

A: 360MatchPro will import all "new" and "updated" transactions to ensure that the data in your 360MatchPro account is always up to date. If a historical transaction is updated after you activate the integration, it will appear in 360MatchPro at the time of the update with the original timestamp. For example:


I activated my 360MatchPro-Kindful integration on 2/1/2020. A few days later, I updated the contact information for a donor who gave to my 2019 end-of-year campaign on 12/1/2019. The 12/1/2019 donation record, which wasn't in my 360MatchPro account when I activated the integration on 2/1/2020, appears in my 360MatchPro account with the 12/1/2019 timestamp and the new contact information for the donor.


Q: Contact profiles (names, email addresses, etc.) aren't syncing into 360MatchPro. Why?

A: 360MatchPro focuses on syncing transaction data (e.g. amounts, timestamps, etc.). Occasionally, contact information is updated when a transaction update event is pushed into 360MatchPro. However, 360MatchPro  does not attempt to fully sync contact profiles. 360MatchPro's goal is to drive matching gifts to completion, which often has a relatively short lifecycle. 


Q: An email was sent out before the donation date in 360MatchPro. Why?

A: It's possible that the donation timestamp was updated in Kindful to a later date after the 360MatchPro email went out. Timestamps sync between both systems.


Q: Why is the donation amount in 360MatchPro different from the amount in Kindful?

A: 360MatchPro subtracts the transaction's non-deductible amount. Thus, 360MatchPro reflects the net amount. 


Q: Some transactions in Kindful aren't appearing in 360MatchPro. Why?

A: It's likely that the transaction's net amount after subtracting the non-deductible amount is equal to zero. 360MatchPro does not consider these transactions to be donations, so they aren't processed. If the transaction is adjusted in a manner that results in a positive net amount, then the updated transaction will be pushed into 360MatchPro. 


Q: How does 360MatchPro process split donations?

A: The aggregate donation is processed by 360MatchPro. In order to avoid sending multiple emails to one donor, partitioned amounts to each campaign are not processed separately.


Q: Why doesn't 360MatchPro process refunds and cancellations?

A: At this time, when Kindful pushes refunds/cancellations into 360MatchPro, the technology does not link the refund/cancellation to the original transaction. As a result, 360MatchPro cannot associate the refund/cancellation with an existing donation, which means that the refund/cancellation is unable to be processed in 360MatchPro. Double the Donation and Kindful are working together to ensure that this functionality is available as soon as possible. 


Q: Why doesn't 360MatchPro import "Do not email" data from Kindful?

A: Currently, that information is not provided in the data that flows from Kindful to 360MatchPro. Double the Donation and Kindful are working together to deliver an automated solution as soon as possible. In the meantime, 360MatchPro offers a blocklist feature that lets you upload blocklisted emails and phone numbers.


Q: In the future, will the webhook creation process be automated?

A: Yes. Double the Donation and Kindful are working together to deliver this functionality as soon as possible. 


Q: How do I stop the integration?

A: Navigate to the "Integrations" tab and select "Manage" in the 360MatchPro portal. Click "Stop Integration".



Then, delete the webhook in the Kindful portal.



Q: Where can I learn more about the 360MatchPro and Kindful integration?
A: Navigate to our partner landing page to learn how 360MatchPro and Kindful can increase your matching gift revenue!