Can we add Double the Donation's plugin to an email?

This article explains that we recommend linking to your dedicated matching gift page in emails because it is not possible to embed the plugin to an email.

Email was created as a system to share information between one individual and another securely with limited functionality. The only functionality that is allowed within emails is:

  1. Add paragraphs of text
  2. Add links to text
  3. Add images or graphics
  4. Add links to those images or graphics


Think back to all of the emails you've ever received. Have you ever received one that allowed you to search or perform an action directly in an email? Given the constraints of email, you should feature and promote matching gifts using text and graphics.


We suggest organizations do two things:

  1. Include a short paragraph about matching gifts and link one of the sentences to your matching gift page.
  2. Include a matching gift graphic and then link that image to your dedicated matching gift page.


Because email does not allow for any functionality besides presenting text and images and then hyperlinking that text or image to a new page, you can't add Double the Donation's plugin directly into an email.


View examples of how other organizations feature matching gifts in emails and direct donors to their matching gift pages.