Blocklist: Understanding Notes

This article explains the meaning of the notes that appear on the email and phone blocklist.

What does the Notes column on the Email Blocklist represent?


The Notes column indicates how a donation record was added to the blocklist. 


Screenshot 4-12-2024 at 09.28 AM


It can take the following values:

  1. Ineligible donor - blocklisted for X more days: The donor is ineligible (the donor has identified this in the matching gift emails) and therefore their email is blocklisted for X days. Our recommendation is 180 days and the default is saved as this. To learn more about how long donors are added to the blocklist, view this article. 

  2. Ineligible donor: The donor is ineligible and is permanently blocklisted. This typically occurs when donors indicate that they are retired. 
  3. Donor unsubscribed from emails: For email addresses, the donor pressed the "unsubscribe" link in the matching gift email; this donor's email is permanently blocklisted. 

  4. Donor marked as spam: The donor marked the email as spam; this donor's email is permanently blocklisted.  

  5. Email address bounced: The email bounced and was not deliverable;  this donor's email is permanently blocklisted. 

  6. Blocklisted by an admin user: When you manually add an email address to the blocklist;  this donor is permanently blocklisted. 

  7. 360MatchPro user manually unsubscribed donor: A 360MatchPro admin manually unsubscribed a donor from the Donations table or the donor was blocklisted in bulk via a CSV import. To learn more about blocklisting donors in bulk, view this article. 
  8. Imported from CRM: For customers that have a direct CRM integration with 360MatchPro; they are permanently blocklisted. 

  9. Blocklisted via an API call: The add_phone_blocklist or add_email_blocklist 360MatchPro REST endpoints were used;  this donor is permanently blocklisted.