Does Double the Donation Integrate with ACD Direct?

This article walks through Double the Donation's integration with ACD Direct.

Step-by-Step: Integrate Double the Donation's 360MatchPro into ACD Direct PledgeCart Donation Forms

ACD Direct - Double the Donation - FAQ

Step-by-Step: Integrate Double the Donation's 360MatchPro into ACD Direct PledgeCart Donation Forms

360MatchPro is the industry-leading matching gifts automation solution for nonprofits and educational institutions to identify more matching gift revenue opportunities and drive more matches to completion. You’ll need a 360MatchPro account to activate the matching gift functionality within this partner platform. Not a 360MatchPro client? Schedule a demo at

Step #1: Navigate to the PledgeCart Campaign where you'd like to incorporate Double the Donation's matching gift search tool. Click "Actions" and then "Layout."



Step #2: Use the drop-down menu to search for "Double the Donation." Then click the green plus button to add the module to your campaign. You will be asked for your Public Key and Header. The Public Key can be found in your 360MatchPro account (see FAQ). 



Step #3: Enter your Public Key and Header text. The Header text is what will appear above the search tool on your donation page. 



Step #4: Click "Save" at the bottom of the page. Describe the changes you made in the save layout field. 



Step #5: Place the Double the Donation Matching Gift module on your Final Page (popup) and Save. This ensures that the confirmation page appears so you can guide donors to their matching gift next steps immediately following the donation flow. 

Target donors with matching gift next steps while they are still in the giving mindset!

ACD Direct - Double the Donation - FAQ

Q: I don't have a 360MatchPro account. How do I get one?

A:  Visit to request a demo! Make sure you mention that you use ACD Direct in your demo request form.


Q: What is the recommended implementation of the streamlined search field on the ACD Direct PledgeCart forms?

A: Double the Donation and ACD Direct recommends placing the 360MatchPro streamlined search field following the donor information section (e.g., Name, Address, Email Address, etc.).


The 360MatchPro streamlined search field is highly customizable within the PledgeCart platform. The recommended display configuration is represented below. Please contact your ACD Direct Account Executive if you require assistance to configure your form in this way.



Q: How can I incorporate matching gifts into my ACD call script?

A: Contact your ACD Direct Account Executive.


Q: Does 360MatchPro integrate with SimpleDonate forms?

A: Yes, you can add the streamlined search field and the confirmation page plugin to your SimpleDonate donation forms. Just contact ACD Direct with your API key to get this set up. 


Q: Where can I find my Public API Key provided by 360MatchPro?

A: Login to your 360MatchPro account. Click "Settings" and then "API Keys."


Q:  Where else can I embed Double the Donation's plugin?
A: We recommend you create a dedicated matching gift page on your website to place matching gift information in the path of every website visitor, not just those already on your donation form. On this page, you can explain what matching gift programs are and provide donors with a chance to look up their employer’s program forms, guidelines, and instructions. Your dedicated matching gift page will become a useful resource to include in emails, newsletters, and direct messages.
To install Double the Donation’s matching gift search tool anywhere on your website, simply copy and paste the same Embed Code that you used before. Take a look at this example:
Q: Where can I learn more about the 360MatchPro and ACD Direct integration?
A: Navigate to our partner landing page to learn how 360MatchPro and ACD Direct can increase your matching gift revenue!