What features are available for 360MatchPro Lite?

This article provides an overview of the features available on 360MatchPro Lite and explains the Lite plan pricing model.

Why 360MatchPro Lite?

Full Feature Breakdown

360MatchPro Lite Pricing

Upgrade Process


Double the Donation has partnered with a few select fundraising platforms to provide 360MatchPro Lite, the quick-start essentials version of Double the Donation's powerful matching gift automation. Refer to specific platform guides for information about which partners are involved in this 360MatchPro Lite partnership.

Why 360MatchPro Lite?

360MatchPro Lite is perfect for small organizations or organizations just getting started with matching gifts. That's because:

  1. The setup process for 360MatchPro Lite is simpler, faster, and easier. Spend less time getting onboarded and more time getting the word out to donors about matching gifts.

  2. 360MatchPro Lite is free to start. Only pay when you've started raising more money through corporate matching gifts thanks to 360MatchPro Lite.


Full Feature Breakdown

Compare the features available on 360MatchPro Lite and other Double the Donation plans:
Feature 360MatchPro Lite 360MatchPro Standard
Hosted Matching Gift Page ✔️ ✔️
Embeddable Matching Gift Plugin ✔️ ✔️
High-Level Summary Statistics ✔️ ✔️
Integration with 360MatchPro Lite Partner who Created your Account ✔️ ✔️
Integrations with Other Fundraising Platforms ✔️
Automated Matching Gift Email Streams ✔️ ✔️
Customizable Templates for Automated Matching Gift Emails ✔️
CSV Data Import ✔️
Advanced Settings ✔️
Company Exclusions ✔️
Blocklist ✔️
CNAME Customization ✔️


Q: How is 360MatchPro Lite setup easier and faster? Looks like I have lots of features in my account!

A: The Double the Donation team has pre-configured your account with all the settings you need to get the most out of our industry-leading matching gift automation. That means you can simply follow a limited number of setup steps, and you're good to go. 

For example, the following configurations are automatically enabled when your account is created:

  1. Your automated matching gift email templates are pre-written to optimize them for donor engagement.

  2. No additional email configuration is required, making sure you can get off the ground immediately and start raising more money.

  3. 2 emails in the Match Eligible outreach stream are enabled, ensuring you're in contact with the donors most likely to submit a matching gift request.

  4. 1 email in the Unknown Eligibility outreach stream is enabled, providing valuable follow-up to close the gap in your matching gift revenue.

360MatchPro Lite Pricing

Through our partnerships, Double the Donation has also established a special pricing plan for organizations using 360MatchPro Lite:


Q: Does this mean 360MatchPro is free to start?

A: Yes! 360MatchPro Lite is free to use until your organization crosses one of the usage thresholds into Tier 2.


Q: What if I cross the usage threshold from the free Tier 1 into Tier 2?

A: This transition to Tier 2 occurs at the time your usage crosses one of the thresholds. This day becomes the beginning of your paid subscription: you will be billed for Tier 2 usage on that day, and you will be billed for the Tier 2 fixed price a year from that day.


For example: Cat Rescue Club signs on for 360MatchPro for free on January 1, 2022. They reach one of the Tier 1 usage thresholds, $2k in donations, March 1, 2022. On March 1, they are billed $499 and their subscription start date is recorded as March 1, 2022.


Q: What if I cross another usage threshold, but my billing date hasn't arrived yet?

A: If you cross another usage threshold into another tier, you will be billed the difference between your previous tier fixed price and the new tier fixed price; your annual billing date remains the same; when your annual billing date arrives, you will be billed the full amount for your latest tier.


For example, following the Cat Rescue Club from the previous example: On July 1, Cat Rescue Club reaches $5k in match identified and is billed $300 (which is $799-499, or the difference between what they pay for Tier 3 and what they have already paid for Tier 2). On March 1, 2023, they have reached the end of their year subscription and are billed $799. They will not pay any more until March 1, 2024, unless they exceed $10k between March 1, 2023 and March 1, 2024.

Upgrade Process

If your organization signed on through one of our 360MatchPro Lite partners, your account was automatically created as a 360MatchPro Lite account. However, if you would like to upgrade to a different 360MatchPro feature tier to enjoy an expanded feature set, simply contact the Double the Donation Client Success team at support@doublethedonation.com!