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            What information does Double the Donation collect / have available?

            Double the Donation’s service is set up to only collect certain pieces of information.

            We designed the service to intentionally only require a user to type in a company name to access company specific matching gift and volunteer grant information. At one point we tested our matching gift plugin with the following three different designs:

            1. One plugin with just a company search field
            2. One plugin with a company search field as well as an email address field
            3. One plugin with a company search field as well as a field for an individual’s name

            When testing the second and third designs we noticed a drop in the percentage of people that arrived on the matching gift page and then ultimately used the plugin to search for their employer. Given that the matching gift process must be initiated by donors we felt it was important to maximize the number of individuals who are able to access their employers’ matching gift forms, guidelines, and instructions. We also heard a few privacy concerns from nonprofits who wondered how Double the Donation’s team would use the information.

            For these reasons our plugin doesn’t have a field for an individual’s name or email address so there is no reporting to tie usage back to an individual.

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