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            How do we redirect donors who receive matching gift emails to our organization's website after they indicate they submitted their match or indicated their donation is ineligible?

            Within 360MatchPro's emails, we include different buttons that donors can click to:
            1. Indicate they submitted their matching gift
            2. Indicate their gift is not match eligible
            We recommend that you leave these two fields blank.

            When they're blank, your matching gift emails sent through 360MatchPro will automatically include default URL links to pages designed by 360MatchPro's team with the appropriate messaging. These are designed to work well for all organizations.

            But you can optionally customize these URL from within your 360MatchPro. Navigate to the Settings section of your 360MatchPro account and add a custom URL.
            Add a Custom URL to redirect your donors to custom pages when they indicate they submitted their match or their gift is ineligible.
            Most organizations leave these two fields blank and use 360MatchPro's default URLs.

            These fields are typically only used by large nonprofits who choose to create custom pages on their own websites rather than using 360MatchPro's default pages.

            Updated: 29 Sep 2018 01:56 PM
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