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            Can we exclude certain companies from appearing in our 360MatchPro search results?

            Yes, 360MatchPro has multiple company exclusion options:

            Company-Specific Exclusions - Hide from Search - Exclude specific companies that are not match eligible for your organization. These will not show up on searches by donors on your dedicated matching gift page. These will still appear in your streamlined matching gift search on your donation forms.

            Company-Specific Exclusions - Mark as Ineligible - Exclude specific companies that are ineligible for your organization. These companies will still appear in search, but donations will be marked as ineligible.  For example, if you add  Exxon  to your Mark as Ineligible list, your donors will be able to search and select Exxon but automatically flow in your 360MatchPro account in the ineligible status and thus our system won't email them unless you're sending emails (uncommon) to donors with an Ineligible status.

            These exclusion options can be found in your 360MatchPro Account. 

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