What is the Small Nonprofit Plan?

What is the Small Nonprofit Plan?

The Small Nonprofit Plan is designed for 501(c)(3) organizations who meet the following criteria:

  1. Raising more than $100,000 in individual contributions annually.  
  2. Raising less than $1,000,000 in individual contributions annually. 
  3. Raising less than $10,000 in matching gift revenue annually. 
Organizations who meet the following criteria can get started right away for only $999/year! 

Disclaimer: The Small Nonprofit Plan is only available until your account reaches any of the following usage thresholds:
  1. 5,000 transactions
  2. $1,000,000 in donations
  3. $10,000 in matches identified
Once you’ve passed any of these thresholds, you are no longer eligible for the Small Nonprofit Plan and must change. The Double the Donation team will be in touch to guide you through this process.


Q: I don’t qualify for the Small Nonprofit Plan, but I want to get started with 360MatchPro today. Can I sign up?
A: If you know your organization is likely to pass the Small Nonprofit Plan thresholds, we recommend reaching out to request a quote from the Double the Donation team. This ensures your organization is on the right plan from the beginning. However, if you have already signed up for the Small Nonprofit Plan and need to switch your plan, don’t worry! You can request a quote at any time from your Double the Donation support team. Reach out to support@doublethedonation.com to let us know you need to change plans.

Q: What happens if I pass the usage thresholds of the Small Nonprofit Plan?
A: If you pass any of the usage thresholds of the Small Nonprofit Plan, your 360MatchPro account will continue to function as normal for 30 days. In that 30 days, we’ll put you in touch with a member of the Double the Donation team who can guide you through the process of changing your plan.

Q: How will I be billed?
A: For the Small Nonprofit Plan, you can pay by credit card online. The plan is billed upfront at the start of each year and renews on the same date that you signed up each year. For other plans, speak with your Account Executive about options.