Viewing the Hosted Page

Viewing the Hosted Page

Initial Setup of Hosted Page

Within your Double the Donation account portal, you have the ability to view the hosted page after you've made edits to the page. When you log in to your Hosted Page for the first time, you won't be able to view a hosted page. You'll see the following message: 

You have to first make edits to the hosted page before you can view the hosted page within your account portal. So, click on "Please click here to complete the setup." When you have completed the necessary edits, you can view the hosted page: 

Previewing the Hosted Page

Click on the URL that says: This is a preview of the page we've generated for you at [your organization's hosted page URL]. When you click on that page, you'll be able to experience what the donors will also experience when they come on that hosted page. 

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