Using the Hosted Matching Gift Page

Using the Hosted Matching Gift Page

Using the Hosted Page 

This feature is currently only available for nonprofits using the 360MatchPro Legacy Plan.
We recommend using the hosted matching gift page in multiple locations so your organization can market matching gifts to your donors across your communications and fundraising. For all of these marketing locations, we recommend using the matching gift graphics within your account and linking that graphic to the hosted page that you set up. Here is an example of the matching gift graphic: 

In multiple locations throughout your website and in emails/social media, you can use matching gift graphics and link that graphic to the hosted matching gift page. So, when donors click on that graphic, it will direct them to the hosted matching gift page. 

Please note: You can find a collection of 50+ matching gift graphics within your Double the Donation account --> Navigate to Marketing on the left-hand side toolbar --> Collection of 50+ Matching Gift Graphics and download. Learn more about additional matching gift resources here. 

We recommend having our plugin embedded directly on your organization's website and marketing matching gifts to donors that way. However, you can also utilize our optional hosted page and market matching gifts to donors in the following locations:

  1. Donation Page
  2. Confirmation Screens
  3. Acknowledgment Letters
  4. Dedicated Matching Gift Page
  5. Website Navigation
  6. Ways to Give Page
  7. Email
  8. Social Media
  9. Recognition Letter
  10. Last-Minute Reminders

For examples of how other nonprofit organizations have marketed matching gifts to donors, view this matching gift resource page.