Settings Overview

Settings Overview


Within your Double the Donation account, you'll get access to your Settings Overview which shows you a general overview of your account. You can navigate to Settings --> Overview.

You'll be able to view the following information: 
  1. Hosted Page URL
  2. Plugin Header
  3. Show/High Volunteer Grants
  4. Excluded Categories
  5. Excluded Companies 

Hosted Page URL

When you create a hosted matching gift page within your account, you'll be able to create a unique URL for that Page. When you navigate to Hosted Page --> Edit --> You'll be able to edit the URL of the hosted matching gift page. 

Plugin Header

The deafult header of the plugin says "See if your employer will match your donation!" See below outlined in red: 

You have the ability to edit this header by going to Settings --> Plugin Settings --> Plugin Header, or you can keep it as is (our recommended approach). 

Show/Hide Volunteer Grants

You have the ability to hide volunteer grant information for each entry within our matching gift database for your organization. Our default and recommended approach is to Show Volunteer Grants

Below is an example of volunteer grant information for a specific company found in our matching gift database:

Excluded Categories

Within your Double the Donation account portal --> Settings --> Company Exclusions, you have the ability to exclude companies that don't match donations for your type of nonprofit organization. Companies with a matching gift or volunteer grant program determine the type of nonprofit organizations that they match donations for based on their specific guidelines.

The type of nonprofit organizations are broken into the following categories: 
  1. Arts and Cultural
  2. Civic & community
  3. Environmental
  4. Health and Human Services
  5. Higher Education
  6. K-12 

We strongly recommend that our clients display all companies in the search results and allow the donor to read the information in the matching gift and volunteer grant description fields.

Excluded Companies 

Within your Double the Donation account portal, you can exclude specific companies that do are not match eligible for your organization.  That means if you exclude a company using this company-specific exclusion, the donor will not see the company show up on the matching gift search tool if you embed our plugin on your dedicated matching gift page or any other location on your website.

The companies will not show up on searches by donors on your dedicated matching gift page. 

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