Organization Details

Organization Details

Your Organization's Information

We recommend including your organization's information in your organization, as it will be publically facing. Also, this information will be stored in our system to help identify your unique organization's account. You can include the following in the organization details tab:

  1. Organization Name
  2. Organization Tax ID (EIN)
  3. Organization Phone Number
  4. Organization Website URL
  5. Organization's mailing address 


Q: Why should we list our organization's Tax ID or EIN Number? 

Q: What if I don't know our organization's Tax ID or EIN Number? 

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    • Getting Started: Organization Profile

      Within your 360MatchPro account settings, you can provide the details for your nonprofit so that Double the Donation has the correct information on file for the organization. This information is also used to enable matching gift auto-submission for ...
    • Why should we list our organization's Tax ID or EIN Number?

      There are over a million nonprofits in the US and many more in Canada and across the world. Your organization's Tax ID or EIN number is the unique identifier that allows donors to ensure they're selecting the right nonprofit when they request for ...
    • What if I don't know our organization's Tax ID or EIN Number?

      We encourage organizations to list their Tax ID or EIN number on their matching gift page to ensure donors are easily able to locate your nonprofit when requesting their matching gifts. If you don't know your Tax ID or EIN Number you can either ask ...
    • How do we update our organization's address on our hosted matching gift page?

      This feature is currently only available for nonprofits using the 360MatchPro Legacy Plan. You can easily change your point of contact or other information on your hosted matching gift page at any time. To do so, log into your organization's Double ...
    • What about companies that don't match to our organization?

            It's a little complicated to address this as our clients are nonprofits and cover a broad spectrum of sizes and areas of focus. Our matching gift tools must be functional for all of these organizations which is why we categorize organizations ...