Is there reporting that shows plugin usage?

Is there reporting that shows plugin usage?

This feature is currently only available for nonprofits using the 360MatchPro Legacy Plan.

We provide reporting that shows how often our plugin was used on your website by donors. Once you have set up our tools on your website, you can access the plugin usage statistics directly from your Double the Donation account portal
To get access to this reporting, please log in to your Double the Donation Account Portal

How to View Plugin Usage Statistics

1. Embed our plugin on your organization's website on up to 5 pages. View this page to learn more about how to install the plugin

2. Enter the URL of the page where you've installed our plugin, then click "Update URL". Use only one URL, preferably for the most popular page where you've embedded our plugin. 

3. Navigate to the Dashboard and you'll see the following statistics based on plugin usage: 
  1. Top Companies Searched in the past 12 months
  2. Donors Accessing Matching Gift Forms and Guidelines
  3. Recent Plugin Activity

Please Note: Many websites, donation platforms, and users block tracking, so data on this page may be significantly under-reported. 


Q: How can my organization increase the usage of the plugin on our website?

A: We recommend incorporating our tools in the following locations: 

  1. Dedicated Matching Gift Page devoted to the topic of matching gifts

  2. Provide easy access to the dedicated matching gift page in your website's Navigation Bar

  3. Include our plugin on your Ways to Give Page

  4. Donation Process (Donation form and/or confirmation screen)

  5. Provide a link to your dedicated matching gift page on your social media platforms and in emails to donors

Q: Can I see the name of donors that searched for a specific company in my plugin?
A: 360MatchPro does offer that functionality. For more information on this plan, visit their website

Q: Can I see the Companies that actually match donations for my organization? 
A: Our plugin usage statistics show you how often our matching gift tools were used and give you better insight into where your donors work. It can also show you the top companies selected by your donors, and the number of donations made from each.

Q: If I have the plugin on multiple pages (up to 5) on our nonprofit's website, can I include more than one URL in my Double the Donation account to track the usage on multiple pages?
A: Right now, we ask for just one URL where you've embedded our plugin. The reason is that our system scans that page once a day to ensure that our plugin is set up correctly. This is why we recommend putting the most popular URL in that URL box within your account. However, the plugin usage statistics provide a total number of each page where you have our plugin embedded, due to the API Key within our HTML code. 

Q: What can I do with this plugin usage statistics?
A: We provide these plugin usage statistics to give you more insight into how your donors are interacting with the plugin on your website. This shows that there is an ROI of our matching gift tools. We see our customers with high ROI of our tools market matching gifts in multiple locations. You can embed our plugin on up to 5 pages on your organization's website. Here are some suggested marketing locations

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