Getting Started: Hosted Matching Gift Page

Getting Started: Hosted Matching Gift Page

Overview of Your Hosted Matching Gift Page

This feature is currently only available for nonprofits using the 360MatchPro Legacy Plan.
We recommend that you embed Double the Donation's matching gift plugin directly on your own website so your donors can access the matching gift forms, guidelines, and instructions that they need directly on your own website.

But we also include an option to host a matching gift page with your organization's information and Double the Donation's database on a page you can easily set up on Double the Donation's website! This hosted matching gift page is hosted on a URL on Double the Donation's website and you can link to it in your broad communications and fundraising to your donors. 

This will enable you to grow your revenue by quickly get started with providing your donors with the matching gift forms and instructions they need to submit matching gifts.

Here's a Sample Hosted Matching Gift Page that you can Set Up in Five Minutes or Less:
Sample Hosted Matching Gift Page that You Can Easily Set Up

Getting Your Hosted Matching Gift Page Set Up:

You can create your hosted matching gift page instantly by going through our online setup process

Once you've created your organization's account you'll see step-by-step instructions in your Double the Donation account management portal. Navigate to Hosted Page --> Edit. 

You'll be able to add or change the publicly listed:
  • Pick your URL
  • Name of our organization
  • Description of your organization
  • Website URL for your organization
  • Organization's EIN Number (Tax ID Number)
  • Organization's mailing address
  • Name of the contact person
  • Email address of the contact person
  • Phone number of the contact person
  • Upload or change your logo that gets displayed on your hosted matching gift page
  • Change the background color of your hosted matching gift page

Note: If you're already a Double the Donation client you can make all of these changes to your hosted matching gift page by logging into your Double the Donation account.

Pick URL

Choose your organization's unique URL that is 3 and 20 characters. For example, entering zooatlanta will create an organization page at When you create the hosted matching gift page, you'll be able to use this URL throughout your website and your broad fundraising/communications to donors. 

Do not enter your organization's current URL on your website. This should be a unique URL not used already. 


Provide your organization's information; this information will be shown on your public hosted matching gift page. Enter the following information: 

  1. Organization Name
  2. Organization Website URL (we recommend this be your homepage, ways-to-give page or donation page)
  3. Nonprofit Tax ID


Provide your organization's mailing address. Include the following information: 
  1. Address Line 1 and Line 2
  2. City
  3. State/Province
  4. Zip/Postal Code 


Provide a public contact person that donors can contract if they have any questions regarding matching gifts and volunteer programs. 


You have the ability to customize your matching gift page title, organization's logo, and add a background color that matches your organization's color scheme. 


You have the ability to change your page's description on the matching gift page. You can use the templated description we provide for you and feel free to change the description altogether. 

Video: Set Up Your Hosted Matching Gift Page