Blacklist: Understanding Notes

Blacklist: Understanding Notes

What does the Notes column on the Email Blacklist represent?

The Notes column indicates how a donation record was added to the blacklist. 

It can take the following values:
  1. Ineligible donor - blacklisted for X more days: The donor is ineligible (the donor has identified this in the matching gift emails) and therefore their email is blacklisted for X months. Our recommendation is 180 days and the default is saved as this. 
  2. Donor unsubscribed from emails: For email addresses, the donor pressed the "unsubscribe" link in the matching gift email; this donor's email is permanently blacklisted. 
  3. Donor marked as spam: The donor marked the email as spam; this donor's email is permanently blacklisted. 
  4. Email address bounced: The email bounced and was not deliverable;  this donor's email is permanently blacklisted. 
  5. Blacklisted by an admin user: when you manually add an email address to the blacklist;  this donor is permanently blacklisted. 
  6. Imported from CRM: For customers that have a direct CRM integration with 360MatchPro; they are permanently blacklisted. 
  7. Blacklisted via an API call: The add_phone_blacklist or add_email_blacklist 360MatchPro REST endpoints were used;  this donor is permanently blacklisted. 

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